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TEETH Magazine: Words With Seana Gavin
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Twin Magazine: Words with Simone Steenberg
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EMULSION magazine: Words with Lindsay Seers
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Semaine: Words with The Modern House
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Refinery29: The Female Artists Killing it on Instagram
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COEVAL MAGAZINE: Words with Daisy Stenham
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coeval: Words with DATEAGLE ART
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DATEAGLE ART: Words with Peter Evans
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Gallery Gurls: Words with Sarah Cain
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i-D Magazine: Words with Eaton House Studio
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King Kong Magazine #Issue 5: Words with Hassan Hajjaj
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i-D Magazine: Words with Judith Bernstein
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Marguerite: Words with Beanie Hayward
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Marguerite: Words with Juno Calypso
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Twin Magazine: Words with Ranny Cooper
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Saatchi Magazine #Issue 40: Joined at the Hip
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Marguerite: Martina Batovic
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TEETH Magazine: Collaboration, cross-pollination and inclusivity: An interview with the collective Femme Culture
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Femme Culture is a record label and collective, born out of the desire to champion women in the arts and push forward-thinking music. As the team and projects expanded, so has their mission to keep purveying it’s original ethos whilst seeking soul/mind-bending sounds and arts.

Marguerite: Jade Coleman
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Normally the combination of a very early morning on a freezing cold November day would make for a rather uneventful start. This particular Wednesday morning, however, was an exception thanks to my conversation with the wonderful Jade Coles; this month’s Marguerite ‘Mover & Shaker’. Jade Coles has been the Senior Project Manager at Bompas &…

Lara Monro Zandra Rhodes Marguerite
Marguerite: Zandra Rhodes
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Designing dresses for public figures such as the late Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury, as well as working on collaborations with labels that include Valentino and MAC make-up, are just a few of Zandra Rhode’s achievements, since she began her own fashion house back in 1969. Zandra’s designs mirror and compliment her personality. Her creations,…

TEETH Magazine: Buy Now: An interview with AucArt founder Natasha Arselan
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Natasha Arselan is hard to miss these days with her Le Corbusier style thick-framed glasses and platinum coloured hair. It is practically impossible to avoid seeing her manoeuvre around town from openings, to art studios, to graduate shows in London and the rest of the country as she continues to firmly support the UK’s emerging…

Gallery Gurls: Female Artists, Instagram, and Some Major Badassery in New UK Show
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The power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and their ubiquitous nature in society has made it practically impossible to avoid using them in both one’s social and professional life.

Arteviste: A Review of Morning Defeats at Hannah Barry Gallery, London
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Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2013 with an MA in Printmaking, the Parisian artist Marie Jacotey has exhibited internationally.

Buffalo Magazine #Issue 6: CHRISTOPHE GOLLUT: Home Alone
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The Kensington home of celebrated interior designer CHRISTOPHE GOLLUT is the height of European glamour — a wealth of neo-Classical design details frame his carefully curated collection of Old Master paintings and priceless antiques. Shot by iconic interiors photographer Ricardo Labougle, experience Gollut’s visionary style through an equally sophisticated eye.

TEETH Magazine: Women Only, Please: An interview with the powerful force behind London’s all-female Members Club, Marguerite.
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Marguerite is a members club, exclusive to women working in the visual arts. The premise of the club is to curate and host special events which allow like-minded individuals the opportunity to meet and connect with one another.

Lara Monro Blog - Larry Clark: The Patron Saint Of Provocation. Fashion, Print, Publication,
KING KONG MAGAZINE #Issue 4: Larry Clark: The Patron Saint Of Provocation
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The idea of transformation always tends to lean towards the self. Ovid’s cautionary tale of Narcissus and Echo, though written in 8 AD, has maintained its relevance throughout history and feels especially prescient in today’s rampantly narcissistic world. The beautiful spring has been replaced by the round camera of our i-phones, tablets and laptops and…

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 38: Pink, Punk, Protest
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Jungle Magazine: In conversation with Sophie Mayanne
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We have all had that moment, the moment you look in the mirror and feel a sense of dissatisfaction with what you see, or when you find yourself comparing your legs and stomach to that swimwear model who just popped up on your Instagram feed. Imagine the psychological implications this has on us and what…

Jungle: Through the Eyes of Another – BP Portrait Award 2017
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Most find it hard enough sketching a piece of fruit, let alone using oil pigment to paint a sitter in such a way that the resemblance between the work of art and its subject is uncanny. Portraiture dates back over five thousand years, yet it is easy to forget that before the invention of photography…

Arteviste: A Review of Exterior. (Morning.) by Christopher Page at UNIT9, London
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Christopher Page’s site-specific art work Exterior. (Morning.) currently occupies the East London exhibition space UNIT9. Founded by Alex Flick, an artist in his own right, the space aims to provide an exhibition platform for emerging artists who demonstrate a sense of ambition, promise and talent. Focusing on the mediums of installation, video, performance as well…

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 37: Queer as Folk; Queer British Art
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This spring, Tate Britain will host the first exhibition to extensively explore material relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) identities. Queer British Art 1861–1967 will mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, beginning its journey the year the death penalty was abolished for sodomy. Lara Monro met curator Clare…

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In Search of the Absolute, is the first exhibition to pair works by modern masters Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) and Yves Klein (1928–1962). Working almost a decade apart, but within a mile of one another in Montparnasse, Paris, both artists shared the experience of living through the Second World War. It is this common territory for…

Artsy: In “Paper Cut,” Gareth Nyandoro Takes an Abstract Stroll Through the Markets of Zimbabwe
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Since representing the Zimbabwe Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, Gareth Nyandoro has enjoyed growing international acclaim. For “Paper Cut,” his first solo show in the UK, Nyandoro continues his focus on social construction, this time at Tiwani Contemporary in London.

Arteviste: A Review of teamLab: Transcending Boundaries at Pace Gallery, London
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Established in 2001, the ‘Ultra Technologists’, teamLab, are a Japanese tech-art collective working within the digital realm seeking to ‘transcend physical and conceptual boundaries.’ The interdisciplinary group includes professional animators, graphic designers and artists as well as mathematicians. It was established by Toshiyuki Inoko, who states; ‘In order for ideas and concepts to be expressed…

Gallery Gurls: A Not So Gentle Reminder to Fight for Our Rights
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There is no denying the world’s current precarious state of affairs when it comes to the fight for equality between men and women. The Women’s March on January 21, 2017 was of course a beacon of hope as it provided an opportunity for individuals to stand together and fight against the opposing forces which continue…

Arteviste: A Review of (Juergen) Teller on (Robert) Mapplethorpe at Alison Jacques Gallery, London
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On Thursday 17th November thousands of art lovers visited the prestigious Alison Jacques Gallery for the Private View of Teller on Mapplethorpe. The strong turnout was unsurprising given the large followings that both photographers Robert Mapplethorpe and Juergen Teller have attracted. What’s more, the exhibition poignantly coincides with what would have been Mapplethorpe’s 70th birthday.…

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 36: Guerrilla Girls; Is It Even Worse In Europe?
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Guerrilla Girls: Is it even worse in Europe? has already attracted vast amounts of publicity, hitting most, if not all, of the UK tabloids. An undeniable feat for the activist group of female artists, who have spent the last thirty years challenging and exposing gender equality and racism within culture, the arts and politics.

Arteviste: A Review of Raphael Albert’s Miss Black and Beautiful Exhibition at Autograph ABP, Rivington Place in Shoreditch, London
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The photographer Raphael Albert (1935-2009) established himself as a cultural promoter and photographer of black beauty pageants in West London between the late 1960’s and 1980’s. His archive documenting popular community events as well as his collection of model portfolios has allowed for a both extensive and detailed exhibition, which celebrates a community often overlooked…

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 34: Alberto Giacometti Yves Klein: In Search Of The Absolute
704 472 Lara Monro

In Search of the Absolute, is the first exhibition to pair works by modern masters Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) and Yves Klein (1928–1962). Working almost a decade apart, but within a mile of one another in Montparnasse, Paris, both artists shared the experience of living through the Second World War. It is this common territory for…

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 34: Felix Gonzalez-Torres Curated By Julie Ault and Roni Horn
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Currently on show at Hauser & Wirth, London, along with Andrea Rosen Gallery and Massimo De Carlo in New York and Milan respectively, is a three-part exhibition of work by the late Cuban-born, American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, curated by artists Julie Ault and Roni Horn.

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 35: Nan Goldin; The Ballad of Sexual dependency
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Born in Washington DC in 1953, photographer Nan Goldin was raised in a middle-class Jewish family in Boston. Te rest of her life, as documented through her camera, was a far cry from her suburban childhood.

Arteviste: A Review of the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, London.
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Co-ordinated by the sculptor Richard Wilson and described by him as “unpredictable, stimulating and startling,” this year’s Summer Exhibition focusses on the importance of artistic partnership. Throughout the galleries, Wilson presents the viewer with the pairing of single pieces of work in an attempt to demonstrate the connection formed through creative dialogue. He seeks to…

Saatchi Magazine #Issue 35: Art Attacks
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Artsy: Joel Meyerowitz’s Iconic Ode to Cape Cod Surfaces in London
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Joel Meyerowitz, best known for his 1960s street photography of New York City, began his career in an era where black-and-white images were seen as the only acceptable medium of photography in the art world. Armed with his Leica, Meyerowitz captured the intensity and chaos of the city, and became an advocate of color photography;…